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Why Choose TalentBet

🌟 Fintech Focused

At TalentBet, we live and breathe Fintech! We focus on 2 sectors only, one being the Fintech sector. This gives us a deep understanding of your industry's dynamics and ensures that we source candidates with specialized expertise to suit your unique needs.
🌟 Vast Talent Pool

Our ever-growing network of highly qualified candidates ensures that we can swiftly match you with individuals who possess the precise skills and experience you require. We meticulously source talents in areas such as financial technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cybersecurity, among others.
🌟 Effortless Hiring Process

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to acquiring top talent. TalentBet streamlines the hiring process, saving you valuable time and energy. From initial screening to final selection, we handle the details, empowering you to focus on advancing your groundbreaking innovations.

🌟 Quality at the Forefront

Quality is our guiding principle. We don't believe in quantity; instead, we prioritize the caliber of candidates presented to you. Our rigorous screening process evaluates technical skills, industry expertise, cultural fit, and dedication to excellence, ensuring a match that exceeds your expectations.

Our Approach

1️⃣ Strategic Recruitment Strategies

TalentBet employs targeted and strategic recruitment methods to discover top talent within the Fintech industry. By leveraging digital platforms, participating in industry events, and tapping into our vast network, we actively seek out passive candidates who embody the skills and proficiency your organization needs.

2️⃣ Customized Solutions

We recognize that every organization is distinctive. TalentBet collaborates closely with you to develop customized recruitment solutions tailored to your company's culture, values, and specific hiring prerequisites. Our objective is to identify candidates who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also align with your vision and mission.

3️⃣ Confidentiality and Integrity

TalentBet places paramount importance on confidentiality and integrity. We handle all recruitment processes with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your company information and hiring intentions remain secure and are shared only with potential candidates after obtaining your explicit consent.

Specialist Sectors

  • TalentBet works with businesses in the igaming, sports betting, and lotteries sectors.
  • TalentBet also works with software and solutions providers, content providers and aggregators, gaming investment funds and venture capital firms, fantasy sports operators, and software development houses.

Specialist Expertise

  • Expertise in executive management roles (including C-level, president, and vice president positions).
  • Specialising in senior management roles (such as director and head of), as well as sales, marketing, business development, tech and IT, operations, product, payments, fraud and security, legal, and HR.

Specialist Services

TalentBet offers a range of core services, including:

  • Executive search and selection process
  • Contingency recruiting service
  • Consulting services
  • Interim solutions
  • TalentBet also offers additional services, including:
  • M&A
  • Business brokerage
  • Corporate advisory services

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What They Think


It’s always a pleasure working with Sennette and the team at Talent Bet, both as client and candidate. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, and incredibly adaptable to the market. Communication with them was not only easy but also enjoyable. Having worked directly or collaborated with almost almost the entire team during these past years, I fully recommend them if you’re looking to recruit in the iGaming & fintech industries. They consistently go above and beyond to assist you in your journey.

Marinela Lurtz

Talent Acquisition
Pragmatic Play

As a fintech we were not initially blessed with iGaming expertise on the finance side but TalentBet were on hand to support our PSP requirements and our team is scaling well now.

Alex Cernescu

iGaming Core

As a marketing agency that hadn't hired from iGaming before, knowing that TalentBet had the knowledge we needed really helped speed things up and bring the skills we needed in house.

Adam Grist

Managing Director

We've been working with the people behind TalentBet for 2 years, and the experience they bring from iGaming has been invaluable to our team here at Xace with their candidate selection.

David Hodkinson